Who We Are and Why We Exist

April 13, 2008

Who are the Citizens Concerned with Goochland Growth?


·         CCGG is organized to serve as an open and effective communications link with all residents and our elected/appointed officials. Our goal is to engage in ongoing dialogue to share ideas and co-create plans for our future.

·         We are self-organizing, self-directed, self-selected and informed citizens.  We are committed to listening with an open mind and heart, respecting others’ dignity and perspectives.

·         We network with local organizations and media to provide information and evaluative commentary about actions and decisions affecting all of us. 

·         We invite others to work individually and cooperatively with us in building community and advocating for the benefit of all.

·         We intend that our economic, social, environmental and community policies will be developed with the greatest input from the people who are to be served.

·         We are part of an experiment in democracy as a Citizen Advisory Council. 


CCGG believes that important citizen input is missing from the 2028 Comprehensive Plan:


·         “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  A Vision Statement is missing from the Plan. 

·         The Plan must appropriately reflect the shared values and informed input from a diverse group of property owners, business owners, neighbors, and community leaders across all five districts. 

·         There has been no collaboration with citizens in regard to how public meetings about the Plan should be structured.  Despite requests by CCGG to create dialogue, there has been a denial by the Planning Commissioners for substantive public discussions about the Plan after it was made available on the County’s website in its final form on February 20th.

·         Best practices call for Citizen Deliberation Councils. These are self-selected groups (not appointed) that organize working groups for projects, and co-create publicly and transparently (charrettes) in settings where community members share visions and brainstorm ideas via citizen facilitators (not public officials).


CCGG has identified many gaps in the 2028 Comprehensive Plan:


·         Current Land Use Maps have not been provided.  Without current maps citizens can not understand how much land is currently zoned for agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial use.  Nor can citizens visualize how these areas align to natural resources, schools, parks/recreation areas, historic sites, transportation networks, utilities, landfills, etc.

·         It is important that citizens fully understand opportunities to contain expansion in areas already zoned for various uses.  Infill development should be encouraged over rezoning new areas, particularly within all village boundaries.

·         Recommendations for Land Use require significant levels of transparency.  For example, who has made the recommendation? What are the facts and assumptions that support the recommendation?  How is the benefit being quantified and who stands to benefit?

·         Future Land Use Maps that get approved with the 2028 Comp Plan is where the rubber hits the road.  It is imperative that citizens have the opportunity to understand how land could be permanently rezoned.

·         A Transportation section is required by law to be part of the Plan but it will not be ready until November according to the planners.


The 2028 Comprehensive Plan is:  Our Plan – Our Vision – Our Future.


·         Our elected and appointed officials are very focused on growing in a big way.  Do we want to live in the fastest growing locality in the Richmond Metropolitan Area?   

·         To share our concerns and ideas about guiding growth and ensuring quality development, we the people need more than 3 minutes comment time at the upcoming May 15th public meeting with our County officials.

·         Time is running out – The Plan is scheduled to be approved in the coming weeks so the time to act is Now.

·         If you would like to learn more about how the Plan might affect you – Please contact us at ccgg@comcast.net or send us your phone number and email address at P.O. Box 276, Crozier, VA  23039 by April 15th.  We invite you to get involved so you can make sure that your voice is heard.


“The future is not just some place you are going to, but is a place you are creating, and the paths to it are not found, they are made.”